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Cardboard Home Staging

Here at Danielle Sinclair Design we get excited about adding new products to our portfolio, what better way to do it than with a launch event! With the environment and sustainability at the forefront of our minds we invested in a better value and more sustainable product to offer our environmentally conscious home staging clients.

December saw the launch of Home Staging Oxford's Cardboard Home Staging services where we created a pop up lounge, study, dining room and bedroom with the help of over 30 interior and lifestyle brands. The exciting launch was a huge success, Danielle curated all the products from local businesses as part of a unique collaboration, many of them 100% recycled and vegan.

“Some of my clients want a quick sale and are working to a lower budget, the cardboard furniture and kitchens are practical and perfect for this market. When styled the products look so realistic and give the wow factor to any empty property in a matter of hours.

Exploring further I discovered that there is a market for the more environmentally conscious builders and property developers. They want to show their buyers a fully Eco friendly business practice and want reusable, recycled furniture and accessories. This is also an area I am going to be specialising in”.

The modular furniture system that draws inspiration from the timeless shape of a cube. Consisting of cleverly folded and connected cardboard panels which offer a range of possibilities to customise the layout of furniture according to the project. It is, of course, the creativity and unique skills of the design team at Home Staging Oxford that make these cardboard boxes into amazing interior schemes which sell houses!

“I made an investment in the furniture because I wanted to be able to have a range of furniture at my finger tips to react quickly to my client’s needs, I also wanted to practice the many possibilities with the furniture myself.

I am looking forward to growing Oxford Home Staging and the Cardboard Packages, which start at £500, with the support of my suppliers in the Netherlands”

What next? Danielle is currently looking at how to make the furniture even more interesting and is working with a specialist to look at various finishes for the kitchens, fireplaces and other ideas to make the service totally unique, ensuring that it can still be recycled at the end of its life!

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