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Project: Woodstock

Project: Woodstock Home

Dining rooms can often become the most un-used room in the home! Used at Christmas and the occasional dinner party, that is once you have spent hours clearing out all the clutter that builds up in there, right? But it’s no surprise that over the last decade people have opted for a more relaxed dining experience or doing away with a table entirely in exchange for island seating, which is a real shame in our opinion.

Before: A room without character

Relaxed kitchen dining is where it's at now, a multi functioning table for busy parents and children. A table not just for eating but used for working, playing, doing homework, crafting - you name it! And being in the heart of the kitchen it can feel really homely and break up that often sterile feel modern kitchens have.

With clever day to night lighting it can also be a beautiful space to entertain guests, but when you do want host a dinner party you often want more! If you do still have the space for a dining room - how about thinking of the room having a dual purpose! If there’s one thing Covid has taught us it is that we need to make sure our homes are being used as well as they could be.

A study or second space for working from home was our most requested design feature here at Danielle Sinclair Design in the last couple of years. What if you could have it all, a dining room for every day living and a luxurious dining room for those celebrated occasions, maybe so relaxed it could be used more than once in a blue moon and every day.

In this whole house project the dining room opened up to the garden, this meant we could look at having doors which opened fully and create a room which could be used all seasons. We were lucky to have the flexibility of things not having to be symmetrical for a laid back, stylish contemporary design. This dining room features a desk, a bar, plenty of storage and wonderful lighting for all occasions.

The table is still to arrive for this room, it features a warm oval marble top with a light oak base carefully paired with multiple styles of chairs which are just a little step up from a kitchen chair, elegant, comfortable and stylish! Danielle Sinclair Design are delighted with this interior design project near Oxford.

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